Separation among God people saddens the Lord but brings joy to Satan One of Satan key strategies is to destroy the church in order to destroy the faith.The split of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine in 1993 influenced the Orthodox communities of the Ukrainian diaspora in the United States including the Ukrainian Orthodox Parish of St. Andrew in Bloomingdale, IL. At that time Father Bohdan Kalyniuk was a priest. When it was the time to choose, Father Bohdan did not betray his sacred vow to faithfully serve the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the United States. He became a port of it in 1993 on the territory of his residence under the auspices of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople. The split of the church and belonging to the UOC-USA (fidelity to the vow) prompted the creation of a new parish. It is well known that when God closes one door he always opens another. In April 2009, in the town of Bensenville, three churches founded in the mid-19th century by German farmers (Churchville) decided to merge into one church and to sell the other two. In May, a friend of Father Bogdan, the mayor of the town of Wood Dale, Mr. Ken Johnson suggested him to visit one of the churches.

Everybody liked the Immanuel Umited Church of Christ - 1009 . Church RD., Bensenville IL. With God providence as well as the efforts of Father Bohdan and an energetic young community the reconstruction of the church began. The kindness of Rev. Bob McWillams, his Christian love, his wish to help united everyone. That was the time, days and nights untiring work started. They wanted to restore Ukrainian culture and traditions in new church home. Adults and children, everyone worked, worked with love in order to renovate the interior. Special thanks to Deacon Volodymyr Gordiy for his work and artistic talent. It is difficult to list all those people whose hands worked for the good of the church. May God pay everyone a hundredfold, and their names will forever be written in golden letters in heaven. The first worship occurred on the Day of the Saint Trinity, also the Day of exile of the Holy Spirit - June 7, 2009. That day the parish of the Holy Trinity in Bensenville, IL, was founded. At first the Saint Trinity Choir was founded under the direction of conductor Taras Rudenko. Singing is very important in church life. The Orthodox Church cannot exist without singing (see Psalmist David).

The Sisterhood of St. Anne is growing and there are more responsibilities such as: lunches for Ukrainian Studies School children and construction workers; decoration and cleaning of the temple; Sunday lunches and annual markets. All these events occur under the skilful chairmanship of Mrs Larysa Diak. The head of the sisterhood, Mrs. Lesya Hrynyk follows the implemented traditions with her hard-working sisters. The brotherhood of St. Constantine is guided sensitively by Yuri Lukovsky and does construction works: roofing, making the iconostasis, floor coverings, electricity supply and much more. Today the brotherhood of St. Constantine is headed by Peter Vinyarsky. 2009 - the first worship occurred on St. Trinity Day - June 7, 2009. 2009 - School of Ukrainian Studies (“Kalyna”) opened the doors to parishioners Ms. Taisa Kolomiets-Ampulska (2009-20) headed the school. In 2020 Mrs. Natalia Gorbach headed the school. 2009 - the dance class (Huliaipole) was organized, the leader is Taisa Kolomiets-Ampulska. 2010 - with the blessing of Bishop Daniel the formation of the Iconostasis started and it lasted almost three years. 2012 - Metropolitan Anthony and Bishop Daniel consecrated the Iconostasis. 2013 - In April the parish community made the decision to purchase a building for the church. 2014 - Brotherhood renewed the floor in the backyard, on the choir balcony, in the gym and in the kitchen. In order to count all the projects that our brotherhood has made one can write a separate book. In 2014-2019, each of these people laid more than one brick in the development of our St. Trinity parish. They are very generous and sacrificed their time as well as materials. This cannot be overestimated. These people are:

Mykhailo Hnatyuk, Yaroslav Sharko, Volodymyr Deka, Vitaliy Mnykh, Oleksandr Khlebnikov, Bohdan Kim, Roman Lazorko, Anatoliy Derbal, Mykhailo Chorniy, Bohdan Krainyk, Mykola Khaschuk, Olexandr Shkirta, Denis Oliynyk, Ruslan Hrynyk, Andriy Berezyuk. These talented professional benefactors have done a lot of different work. Just some of them are: metal balcony arch (handmade decoration) for the choir, reinforcing support of the iconostasis, heating and air conditioning, windows, floor, electricity and even more. For all this work the rector of the parish, priest Bohdan Kalyniuk, the Parish Council and the whole parish would be constantly grateful to them. Artist Mykhailo Golembiovsky made all the iconography in our church. In 2019 our St. Trinity Parish celebrates the outstanding jubilee, the 10th anniversary of its foundation (since 2009) and this year will remain in world history. After 1000 years of destruction and violence from the side of conquering states Ukraine the Orthodox Church of Ukraine withstood with its fidelity to Christ and God’s truth helped it. On the 5th of January, 2019, His Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew signed the Tomos granting buy this autocephaly to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.

Glory to You, Lord! Glory to you!